What Inspires You?


Do I dare say you can create your wedding theme from a circus, the 60s or even your beloved French bulldog?

Try to recognize what you like. What appeals to your senses? You may like Phish (the band) and sunflowers. You may like yoga and the pinot noir. There are reasons why these things appeal to you.

Our goal is to figure out why you like these things and gain a better understanding of who you are and what you like. When envisioning your wedding, the main event that celebrates you and your spouse, shouldn’t that vision incorporate what appeals to you? For me it is the 60s, and my beloved French bulldog. I broke it down to see what it is that I like about both of these. The 60s to me is: individuality, unconventional, black and white, geometric, pops of color, and Motown. My beloved Frenchie is: quirky, modern, short and stout, wrinkly, “French” and could be black and white (however she is a beautiful fawn!)

How do I interpret this into a wedding?

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Lombardo's Drive In Movies

Opening Day: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

1st Movie: Finding Nemo @ 8:45pm

2nd Movie: Jurassic Park @ 10:45pm