Wedding Chairs

I remember the first time I pointed out a chiavari chair at an event, people around me thought I was crazy! Who looks at the chairs when you are at an event? Me! Having the wrong chair for your wedding will ruin everything (OK, not really.) But if you think about it, there will be an abundance of chairs needed for your reception, so try to make them attractive to compliment the room. From sashes to covers, here are a few options to make your seats stand out!

If your venue provides you with chairs, you’re in luck! Not only do you avoid the cost to rent chairs, but you now have some money to jazz them up. By utilizing a simple sash, you can transform a standard chair into a standout chair! Look at these two gorgeous ways to tie your sashes.


You may want your chairs to be invisible to your grand tablescape you have created. Consider this table – with bright cloths and multiple rich tones in the centerpieces, this table needed a chair that would blend in, not stand out. Using clear chairs can also highlight your room by reflecting the LED lighting as in this ceremony photo.




If you had chair covers in mind, think outside of the box and try a textured cover. From sequins to ruffles, there are many options to dress your chair beyond white polyester. Be sure it complements the theme of your reception. This petal pink ruffled option is a perfect match to this romantic and garden inspired look.