The Veil

To wear or not to wear? That is always the question! An ancient custom donned by brides to “veil” themselves from their groom, the veil has become a romantic bridal accessory today. If you are unsure, I suggest waiting to make your decision until you find your DRESS. From short to long, “cage” to “fingertip,” there are many options to compliment any ensemble. If you find it annoying, too traditional, or location inappropriate (watch out for windy beaches) then I would say pass. However if you see this as flattering and fitting, here are a few options to ponder:

Of Spanish decent, the Mantilla Veil is a romantic, longer option, typically adorned with lace trimming. It can be worn at the forehead or for a more modern approach, at the back of the head. This bride opted for an up do, however a “half-up” look would be stunning as well!

The Fingertip Veil is literally that – a medium length that extends to or below your fingertips when arms are down. It is a more casual option without any lace or beading, however it is still whimsical and beautiful!


Forget traditional! This fashion forward Cage Veil can be worn forward as a blusher or as an accent on the side. There are different netting and length options to choose from – you can even add a new trend – feathers!



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