The Tiara

Don’t feel bad for being bloody excited for the Royal Wedding! The whole world has “Royal Fever” waiting to see what Kate wears, who is in attendance and, of course, their first kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace!

Just because William is now taken does not mean your dream of being a princess one day is gone–there’s still Harry! Princess Bride Tiaras has a beautiful collection of royal inspired tiaras fit for a lady in waiting (a long time waiting…)

The late, great, beautiful, inspiring Princess Diana wore the “Cambridge Lover’s Knot” tiara. Many say the princess claimed the tiara gave her a “cracking headache.” Hopefully Kate can find something more comfortable!

As a tradition, the Queen Mum will gift Kate with a tiara – question is will it be a new tiara or will it be one from the royal collection! The Strathmore Rose Tiara, completely encrusted in diamonds, was worn by the Queen herself. Sounds like a good option to me!



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