The Save The Date

Who? You and your fiance. What? You are getting married. When? Your wedding date. Where? Your venue (secured with a deposit!) Why? Because you said YES! Your family and friends have now heard the news that you’re engaged! Help answer these common questions by sending them a save-the-date card. As a courtesy to your preferred guests, sending a save-the-date allows them to plan ahead, especially if there is travel involved. Be sure to indicate on the envelope who is allowed to bring a guest – plus, this gives them more time to find a date! I found some interesting save-the-date options, none of which are magnets!

I’ve recently seen video save the dates, however gathering the equipment and your techy friends is too time consuming. A great alternative is a flip book! For under $2 each, this couple bound a series of photos together with twine and a metal clip to send their guests their wedding info.

(Click here to watch!)

If your nuptials are a plane, train or car ride away, this is a fun option for you! Custom boarding passes can be a DIY project or if you are up to your eye balls with wedding planning, try! They have other options too such as personalized passports!

Cookies! Who doesn’t like cookies?! If you want to be nice, you can send a box of personalized cookies to your guests. This is a delicious idea for weddings of 100 and under, considering shipping costs.


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