The Groom

It is about time we started to show the Grooms some love! Let’s face it, you know your bride will take the reins and will consult with her mom, friends and trusted blogs for insight on wedding planning. However, if it weren’t for the grooms (and the shiny rock on her finger) this wedding wouldn’t be happening! I agree that it is good to know your place when it comes to linens, flowers and color schemes questions. However, don’t forget you do have some decisions to make. Let’s start with your attire. Remember: there are no rules today when it comes to weddings, but we still want you to look good!

There are many factors to consider before you can select a tuxedo or suit. Location, time of day and season all play a vital role, much to your dismay. If you’re booked at a hotel on a Saturday evening, a black tuxedo is most appropriate. Whereas a Saturday afternoon wedding in the summer would allow for a more casual look, such as a suit. Think, and of course consult with your bride before you decide!

There is always a debate whether to wear a bow or an ascot tie. Some men see a bow tie as outdated, resembling what their father’s wore. Others see it as classic, and an essential piece to their tuxedo. Either way, be sure to wear what you are most comfortable in, and what matches! Would a bow tie be appropriate at your destination wedding? Maybe not. But if its a fun print, why not!

A shirt is no longer just a shirt when it comes to your wedding. After you have selected the tuxedo or suit, bow or ascot, then you can select your shirt. That is where¬†Alexander West¬†comes in! The New York based designer provides handsome details in his seven various tuxedo shirts. If you don’t see anything that sparks your interest, you can custom make your shirt with him!