Something Blue

Something old…check. Something new…check. Something borrowed…check. Something blue?! A traditional proverb that most will abide by, however are usually stumped by what to wear that is blue! History tells us that something old will represent continuity, and typically links the bride to her family. Something new symbolizes optimism for the future; usually this is a new dress. Something borrowed should remind the bride that she has support from her family and friends. Something blue will represent purity, love and fidelity. Here are some trends that I have seen recently to represent your blue:

In the past week, two weddings added bright royal blue elements to their ensemble in their shoes. Underneath the never ending layers of tulle and satin a pop of color will surprise your guests with a fun blue shoe. Whether you prefer royal or robin’s egg, it is a simple way to incorporate your blue.

How about something sparkly and blue! These blue rhinestone “I Do” stickers are a fun way to incorporate some shimmer to an unexpected spot – the soles of your shoes! They also make for a great photo op!

Dogeared Jewels and Gifts, a handcrafted jeweler out of LA, recently launched a bridal line that will help end your search to the perfect piece of blue. A subtle way to showcase this piece is in your bouquet. You can create your own tradition for your future family with this charm. Also, be sure to check out their necklaces which are great gifts for your bridal party.




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