Hanging Centerpieces

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This year we hosted a heap of bridal shows, one after another, and we wanted to give our guests a WOW factor when they entered our ballrooms to set ourselves apart from the rest. So we started to suspend EVERYTHING from the ceiling! You can imagine the set up crew was not as excited as we were… but with an “s” hook and some fishing line, you can hang almost anything. From lanterns to flowers to food, there is nothing we have not tried to hang! Then I started researching and I found that other people share the same passion as me and have been suspending wedding décor for years. Try hanging centerpieces or hanging lanterns, tea lights or picture frames to give your wedding an unexpected twist.

suspend10 suspend9 suspend8 suspend7 suspend6 suspend5 suspend4 suspend2 suspend1 suspend suspend3 floatingcp

*The last image is of hanging centerpieces at Lombardo’s Bridal Show


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