Guest Book

A traditional piece that is often lost in the shuffle, the guest book is starting to make its return in unexpected ways. Traditionally, the wedding guests were considered witnesses of the nuptials and were required to sign the marriage document. As rules have changed, the guests now sign a book with well wishes and testimonials as a keepsake for the B&G. Recently I’ve seen a few guest book ideas that would make a lasting impression on your guests, and keep it from getting stored in the attic!

A great website called allows you to easily create your own guest book puzzle! By simply sending them a photo of your choice, they will hand cut a wooden puzzle in shapes that are large enough for a short note and signature. Post wedding, you can frame it for a keepsake! My suggestion would be to get a two sided frame so you can still read your guests messages.

Have you considered having a photo booth at your wedding? You can imagine as the night goes on, the pictures get better! Most companies can make you a book of the photos from the night or you can DIY! Have your guests add their photos next to their message in your guest book as a fun way to remember your big day! And props are a MUST!

I think the traditional guest book idea withered away because it typically gets put on a shelf hidden by other books (that you don’t read!). A great way to keep your wedding memories alive is to have your guests sign a stone, seashell or anything you choose and house them in a large vase. I like using a silver or gold pen to give a subtle shimmer!