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Winter Wedding

Posted by francesca

Winter Wedding

Whether we like it or not, winter is here! Let’s make the best out of this October snow storm and discuss WINTER WEDDINGS! Living in New England, most brides know the risk of picking a wedding date between the months of November and March. However, I believe the chances of having a perfect summer day are just as good as having a beautiful winter day! Think: outside photos amongst snow covered trees, a silver and white theme and snowflake inspired décor! If you can enjoy the beauty winter can bring, here are some tips on creating a wonderful winter wedding:

For those beautiful outdoor photos with a snow covered landscape (should you be so lucky), you will need something to keep you warm! From fur to sheepskin, hooded capes to shawls, there are endless options for winter brides these days. If you don’t see yourself wearing this piece again, ask your retailer if you can rent it for the day!

I am in love with any type of branches used in wedding décor. It is most appropriate for a winter wedding and in a beautiful white hue! Incorporate these in your centerpieces, amongst your ceremony seating or along your reception room perimeter to set a winter tone. You can use the branches alone or add crystals, lighting or flowers to dress them up!

Modify your menu to include an array of winter inspired provisions! Why not serve white hot chocolate or spiced wine as your guests arrive. Hors D’Oeuvres can include passed mini shots of your favorite seasonal soup! And for your finale, delight your guests with a late night treat such as churros!



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