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Weddings Apps

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Weddings Apps

Today, we use our smart phones to follow the latest news, monitor our stocks (ya, right) and pay our bills. Why wouldn’t we use them to plan our weddings?! Wedding gurus everywhere are saving brides to be from potential ulcers by placing wedding advice at your fingertips! Many of these apps do the thinking for you – how much should your budget be, where to seat family vs. friends, what style dress is flattering to your body type? Yes, there’s an app for that!

Rated the number one wedding app, TheBrideGuide is the most intuitive and user friendly. For $4.99, it offers a preset To Do list, a recommended budget and calculator, vendor management and a Q&A forum with event planners/creators Ania & Olivia! You will feel lighter (literally) by ridding yourself of the papers you constantly carry in tow!


Say you find a gorgeous serving platter in a small store that you love & need! The WeddingScan app allows you to register for that item regardless of the store or if they have a registry! By simply scanning the bar code, your guests will be able to access your one cohesive list online with all of the information they need to purchase! The best way to describe it is you can register “whenever you want, wherever you want and whatever you want.” If that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will!

Unsure when to cut your cake or how to line up your bridal party? No need to panic when you have theWedding911 app! Created by the professionals of The Knot, this app is a virtual wedding planner in your pocket. You can scroll through the FAQs or post a question that other brides can answer. At the very least, it can act as a mediator between conflicting opinions!

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