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Wedding Signs

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Wedding Signs

It is impossible to read a wedding blog or magazine today without seeing customized signs incorporated into the big day festivities. From ceremonies to photo sessions, brides and event planners are finding any excuse to utilize signs! A sign has become more than just informational or directional – they can display quirky sayings, verses of love or even jokes! One of my favorites is “I do” to indicate where the ceremony will take place and “I did” to take you to the reception! Here are a few more that caught my eye:

If you have any mini bridal party attendants, ask them to carry an introduction sign for your big entrance! All of these signs can be DIY but why not trust our artistic friends at Etsy to help do the work? It helps if you can find little ones that are this enthusiastic and adorable to be bearing their signs!


Liven up your photo session with a sign or two. This will help everyone take a break from the mundane wedding poses. Lauren and Chris opted for chalkboard signs which give them the option to change up their message! Whether they are sweet or sassy, you will enjoy looking back on your photo albums one day.

Think beyond the menu card trend and have your food & beverages framed! This menu board has an ornate ivory frame to display the chow on hand for the evening. Soiree Andover created this piece and suggested this to replace menu cards as the greener option for 2012.


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