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The Cake

Posted by francesca

The Cake

The forecast for 2012 is romantic colors, minimal design and longer lengths. No, I am not talking about gowns, I am talking about cakes! The trends for wedding cakes are tracked as much as the garments during NY Fashion Week! From exotic flavors to higher altitudes, wedding cakes for 2012 are better than ever. It was a common discussion in 2011 among many B2B whether a wedding cake is necessary these days. Here I lend you my insight on why a wedding cake can serve more than just your final course.

Just like bell bottoms, neon and fringe, we often see old trends make a comeback. In 2012, expect to see a modern version of your mother’s cake, minus the plastic columns! Taller and deeper sizes create a dramatic profile, so tone it down by keeping the details minimal.

Do you ever make that argument that a chocolate covered strawberry is good for you because its fruit? Well you can feel just as “guilt free” if you opt for a trendy exotic fruit flavored cake! From pomegranate to orange chocolate, not only will these flavors tickle your taste buds, they look good next to a sometimes boring white or brown cake.



Gone are the days of matching your bridesmaids to your flowers to your linens and beyond. Incorporate romantic colors of ivory, pale pink and cream. This will have you looking back at your wedding and NOT saying “what was I thinking?!”



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