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Sweet Somethings

Posted by francesca

Sweet Somethings

We say it all the time here in our office – weddings are not what they used to be! Each and every wedding is so unique and different; we always learn something new every day. The ones that we remember (and the one your guests will remember) are those that have a special touch that makes people stop and say “wow.”  A little can go a long way. A way to impress your friends and family is not by having the most extravagant,  rather show them something they have not seen before. Now I am not one to goo and gah over sweet things, but these ideas I admire for their creativity and individuality. I think you will too.

Try a paint ceremony versus the traditional candle or sand!

Paint Wedding Ceremony



To keep the youngsters busy…

Kids Corner Wedding



When we were young…

Wedding Restroom Photos



A piece from your father’s shirt as your something blue.

Something Blue



Words of wisdom from your guests to read on one of your anniversaries…

Advice for wedding anniversaries



A sweet way to coax your friend into being your right hand woman!

Ask your bridesmaids kit



A clever way to Save the Date

Wedding Save the Date Balloon



A program that holds post ceremony rice or confetti!


Wedding Programs with Rice



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  • What amazing ideas! Our favs are the heart inside the dress and the blending of families represented by the paint splatters. These are fantastic ideas! So unique and mean so much to the couple. Thanks for sharing with us!

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