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This year, less is not more when choosing your bridal shoe. Just as you see in the pages of your gossip magazines (you remorsefully buy) you will see in weddings in 2012. From vibrant hues to spike embellishment, the options are growing outside of the white dyeable box. Your shoes should compliment you and your wedding, whether its beach casual or high glamour. As much as you want to push the envelope, never sacrifice comfort for style on this day!

As we discussed before, your something blue can be in your shoe. Or it can be pink, green, or glitter! Many brides are opting for shoes that are not found in the bridal aisle. Whatever hue you choose, be sure to keep your hem long enough as to not distract attention away from your dress!

Please, please, please do not wear sneakers to your wedding! There are many horizontal options for the balance deprived bride. From wedges to ballet flats, designers are offering something for everyone. Etsy, oh how I love thee, has a glass slipper inspired shoe adorned with a Swarovski crystal bow of your choice!

If bright colors and sequins aren’t for you, here is your excuse to buy a fabulous designer shoe you wouldn’t normally buy! These elegant pink Christian Louboutin heels are a beautiful accent to any wedding. They are also a perfect accent to any other moment in your life – grocery shopping, gardening, and vacuuming…. any excuse to wear Louboutin.




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