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Place Cards

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Place Cards

One of your final jobs in this seemingly endless wedding planning is your place cards. I say finalbecause you cannot attempt to do so until you complete your master seating (a.k.a who is attending and where they are sitting – I am not even going to touch upon that issue!) Recently I have seen such creative and unique ideas that brides have done and I wanted to show you some! These ideas allow you to continue to tie in your theme that you worked so hard to establish!

Even if you are not standing in the sand for your nuptials, you can still use this seaside idea for your place cards. These mismatched glass bottles and tags act as your place card and guest book! Leave instructions so your guests can write the B & G a quick message.


This is belive it or not a DIY! Brides are now buying glass votive candles and translucent paper to make their own tea light place cards. Allow your guests to take them (pre-lit by your Maitre D) to their tables to help illuminate your room.


Having a fall wedding? Rather than using the expected mini pumpkin idea, why not use a coloful fruit? These apples will add a cool hue to your tables. Very inexpensive and feel free to try other fruits to match your décor or season!




  • Love the apple place cards!

  • Thank you, I’ve been searching for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far.

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