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Let’s open our eyes really wide now and try to see beyond your friends’ three tiered, sugar flowered, red velvet with cream cheese frosting wedding cake. These days your wedding’s dessert is more than just the last course, it’s the grand finale! From cupcake towers to ice cream cones, the standard white tiered cake is a thing of the past. If you are for pushing the bar and trying one of these unique options, you will notice how wallet friendly they are as well!

Sprinkles CakeShooters are a fun and new alternative to the traditional and usually pricey wedding cake. CakeShooters enclose the perfect cake to icing ratio in a fun push pop contraption – just like the ones from the ice cream truck! These will also satisfy your diet specific friends as they come in Vegan and Gluten Free.

Sprinkles CakeShooters

Ever heard of Mochi Ice Cream? Probably not yet, but it is on track as one of the newest trends in wedding desserts this year! Created in Japan, Mochi is made with pounded rice sticks that are molded into these cute shapes and filled with ice cream. Refreshing flavors such as strawberry and mango are great for upcoming summer weddings!

Mochi Ice Cream

Let your guests indulge on an old school treat – ice cream cones! I know a dress or suit isn’t the best attire to try to eat one of these, but help everyone out by serving minatures! Isn’t food always more fun mini?

Mini Ice Cream Cones

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