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You are constantly prepping your hair, make up, nails, skin and body for the biggest day of your life. What if I told you there is a way to speed this process along to glowing skin, more energy and a flatter stomach! My secret weapon for brides in 2012 is theBluePrintCleanse. This raw, organic juice cleanse has been highly reviewed by everyone from Elle to Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek to The Wall Street Journal! As a bride, you will find their “Bride to BPC” packages a gift from the wedding gods! As a devoted BPCer, I vow that this cleanse is easy and fun, especially when the results are physically visible!

Just like you have a planner for your wedding, now you have one for your cleanse! You lucky brides will be assigned a bridal concierge to guide you to the right cleanse package for you. All four packages offer discounts that I can’t even get! Furthermore, you receive bridal rewards such as discounts and preferred rates at some of the best spas, hotels and more!


The BPC slogan, “we think, you drink,” is what keeps me coming back for more. You will receive a pretty, blue box delivered to your doorstep, and this is when your journey begins! The bottles come clearly marked for drinking order. Since they do the thinking, all you have to do is drink! Be sure to schedule your cleanse during a slow week without parties, dinners, outings. This way you can focus and not be tempted by food!

 There are three levels to choose from, based on your typical eating habits. The higher the level, the more vegetable juices you will drink. If you enjoy a burger and fries, and find it hard to incorporate vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, I would try level one,Renovation. If you frequent the gym, find salads delicious yet still eat meat, I would try theFoundation level – my go to! For the organic, whole fooders, your happy place is the Excavation level. All three levels will do the trick, just be honest when making your selection for a better experience and results!

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