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For those of you who read this (and are not my mother), my name is Francesca Lombardo and I work in the event and wedding industry in the Boston area. I work for my family, yes I sold my soul at a young age, but have not looked back since. We are onsite caterers in a 4 ballroom facility here in Randolph, MA and currently have both the 3rd and 4th generation of the family working here.  I do love this business. We meet new people everyday and get to plan one of the biggest days of their life together. They have been trusting us with this big day for 50 years now. So we must be doing something right? I get the best of both worlds working with my family because they teach me everything I need to know to run a well organized and beautiful wedding. However at the same time, the 4th generation gets to challenge some of those molds and think of new ways to do things. I am constantly inspired by every wedding I see. Brides truly set the trends. And I get to write about them! I am a huge follower of other wedding blogs, magazines, TV shows, restaurants and anything having to do with French Bulldogs. So I hope that my passion for these things and more translate for you all in my posts. Should you ever want to hear more about something, just head over to the “contact me” page and I would be happy to dive in! Thank you for following!


~ Francesca


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