Too bad there is not a trusted encyclopedia or post grad class we can turn to when it comes to “wedding etiquette.” Most of us turn to our mothers or those crazy wedding obsessed friends (you know who you are) for answers on “How much should I give as a gift” or “Is it OK to smash the cake in my new husband’s face?”

With my experience in this tantalizing industry, I can help you out on a few F.A.W.Q. (Frequently Asked Wedding Questions)

Q: Do I have to set up a block of rooms at a nearby hotel or should I let the out-of-towners choose their own accommodations?
A: Block the rooms – not only will this give your guests a discounted rate, most hotels will typically throw in free breakfast or transportation from the reception venue to the hotel.

Q: How much does the groom’s family contribute financially?
A: Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon and their attire. What has become more common is for both families to split   the costs. Your safest bet is to let them offer what they feel comfortable giving.

Q: What do I wear to a wedding that does not specify the attire on the invitation?
A: You can take a hint from the invitation itself – if it’s a thick stock, calligraphy engraved, you should think more formal. Also consider the time and location – is it during the day at the beach, feel free to wear something short and sweet! Lastly, what does the bride’s dress looks like – cathedral length veil and train? I would pull out your best evening gown!