Celebrity Inspired

Little did the Duchess of Cambridge know that back in April she would be kicking off the start to celebrity wedding mania! From Kardashian to Witherspoon, the summer of 2011 brought us all to the gossip sites weekly, waiting for the first glimpse at the pictures! I do not foresee many (if any) of your guests sporting a festive fascinator a la The Royal Wedding. However, here are a few trends you can incorporate into your wedding.

I found it refreshing to see the ever forbidden color worn by two bridal parties this year. Pippa Middleton and the Kardashian sisters looked fresh and classic in their white ensembles. It was an English tradition for the Royal Wedding and a black and white theme for the Kardashians that had these bridesmaids in white. Do you think you could handle this new revolution?


The contrary to the aforementioned – now the brides are wearing color! Sofia Coppola chose a stunning lavender dress, while Reese Witherspoon wore beautiful blush. It is a daring alternative however if done tastefully, can be stunning!


Princess Charlene of Monaco followed Duchess Kate Middleton in one of summer’s most popular trends with a costume change! Most brides stick to a formal dress with traditional jewelry and veil for the ceremony. Then for their big entrance, they can let their personality shine in a fun, more contemporary garb which is always easier to dance in!