Good bye 2012. Hello 2013! Are you all as excited as I am that 2012 is over? What a year! As we get through this busy engagement season, take a rest from gawking at your new ring and divulge in the trends for 2013! If you haven’t heard that EMERALD is the color of the … Read more


If there is one thing you must factor into your wedding, it is lighting. If neglected, your wedding will be basic. I hate to be blunt, but someone has to tell you! You want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your reception, while highlighting the beautiful décor and detracting from anything else. These days, … Read more

Polka Dots

No you are not seeing spots; this is the latest trend for nuptials this year – Polka Dots! Designers have transformed a somewhat passé print into a chic motif for 2012. To incorporate this trend into your wedding, look for prints with smaller dots and in one color as to avoid anything near tacky. Polka … Read more

Baby’s Breath

Take everything you used to know about baby’s breath and forget it. Last week at Catersource, the emperor, Preston Bailey, gave his two cents on the event industry. Included in his sermon was a new floral trend many weddings have adopted – mass arrangements of baby’s breath! Because of its affordability, neutral color and cloud-like … Read more

New Year’s Eve

To have a New Year’s Eve wedding or not to have a New Year’s Eve wedding. Brides ask every year, and my answer remains the same – YES! Let’s be serious, you know you never have exciting plans anyways, unless you consider a bottle of wine and Chinese food exciting? Do your guests a favor … Read more

Christmas Season

As much as we love to divulge in everything wedding each week, come November our focus switches from wedding bells to sleigh bells! Not to worry, I’ve decided to incorporate topics that can be used in your wedding or holiday planning. You’re welcome! Just yesterday I was pulling images on Pinterest for Christmas dessert tables … Read more

Winter Wedding

Whether we like it or not, winter is here! Let’s make the best out of this October snow storm and discuss WINTER WEDDINGS! Living in New England, most brides know the risk of picking a wedding date between the months of November and March. However, I believe the chances of having a perfect summer day … Read more

Celebrity Inspired

Little did the Duchess of Cambridge know that back in April she would be kicking off the start to celebrity wedding mania! From Kardashian to Witherspoon, the summer of 2011 brought us all to the gossip sites weekly, waiting for the first glimpse at the pictures! I do not foresee many (if any) of your … Read more


Let’s open our eyes really wide now and try to see beyond your friends’ three tiered, sugar flowered, red velvet with cream cheese frosting wedding cake. These days your wedding’s dessert is more than just the last course, it’s the grand finale! From cupcake towers to ice cream cones, the standard white tiered cake is … Read more


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