You are constantly prepping your hair, make up, nails, skin and body for the biggest day of your life. What if I told you there is a way to speed this process along to glowing skin, more energy and a flatter stomach! My secret weapon for brides in 2012 is theBluePrintCleanse. This raw, organic juice … Read more

The Veil

To wear or not to wear? That is always the question! An ancient custom donned by brides to “veil” themselves from their groom, the veil has become a romantic bridal accessory today. If you are unsure, I suggest waiting to make your decision until you find your DRESS. From short to long, “cage” to “fingertip,” … Read more


Lombardo's Drive In Movies

Opening Day: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

1st Movie: Finding Nemo @ 8:45pm

2nd Movie: Jurassic Park @ 10:45pm