Baby’s Breath

Take everything you used to know about baby’s breath and forget it. Last week at Catersource, the emperor, Preston Bailey, gave his two cents on the event industry. Included in his sermon was a new floral trend many weddings have adopted – mass arrangements of baby’s breath! Because of its affordability, neutral color and cloud-like … Read more

Something Blue

Something old…check. Something new…check. Something borrowed…check. Something blue?! A traditional proverb that most will abide by, however are usually stumped by what to wear that is blue! History tells us that something old will represent continuity, and typically links the bride to her family. Something new symbolizes optimism for the future; usually this is a … Read more

Place Cards

One of your final jobs in this seemingly endless wedding planning is your place cards. I say finalbecause you cannot attempt to do so until you complete your master seating (a.k.a who is attending and where they are sitting – I am not even going to touch upon that issue!) Recently I have seen such creative … Read more


The first impression of your wedding that your guests will experience is from your invitations. No pressure or anything, but they need to be perfect! Besides having the information and times correct, the overall appearance and theme need to exude the effect you are trying to achieve. Whether it is simple and modern or elegant … Read more

The Centerpiece

Your centerpieces are a vital part of your reception because they are the center of the room. From tall to short and skinny to fat, this is yet another place for you to make your wedding all about what YOU want. There are no rules anymore – brides now use tree branches, crystals or even feathers for … Read more