Bride Organization

You are going to vendor appointments, scouring through Pinterest and attending as many bridal shows as one can stand. How do you manage all of your wedding thoughts aside from everyday life? Today, brides are getting creative to manage the countless details leading up to the big day. Whether they use internet bookmarks, apps or an organizer, I suggest finding your best method before embarking on your next appointment! Best of all, most apps and organizers come with helpful tips and “do not forget” tasks to take advantage of! Because we all know we can’t do it on our own…

This organizer, like many, has separated tabs for each category – music, flowers, invitations, etc. More so, it has a calendar so you can stay on top of things that will get lost in the shuffle such as “when to discuss budgets with the families” and “when to get your hair colored.” I love the shopping lists such as “what you need for your reception” and “who you need to buy gifts for.”


This wedding app is brilliant! The perks of paying $9.99 for an app (I know, unheard of these days) is that you can store photos that inspire you, prepare your master seating, count meal selections and locate vendors nearby you! It is like having a virtual event planner. Plus it will countdown the days to your wedding and sends you helpful reminders.


Oh Martha, how you never cease to amaze us! For those creativity blessed brides who will have many DIYs for their wedding, Martha Stewart uses this idea to give you peace of mind on your big day. Since you will be busy primping and prepping before your call time, this photo box idea will be sure the staff sets up your displays just as you imagined them to be!