Bridal Party Gifts

I must say after seeing the hilarious movieBridesmaids, I felt it was necessary to blog about what to get those devoted, caring and supportive friends you call your maids–I mean bridesmaids!

After the anxiety they went through while you chose their dress and endless party planning for all of your pre-wedding events, the least you can do is reward them with a token of your appreciation. This means a gift that they will enjoy, not gold bracelets to compliment the champagne dresses they will wear as they lead you down the aisle…

If you decided to skip the bar crawl bachelorette party and instead take a relaxing weekend getaway with the girls, you are one step ahead of the game! Why not get them monogrammed robes or flip flops they can lounge in? Or take them on an activity or excursion once you’re there!


Help your fiancé out with this unique and fun gift for his groomsmen! Give A Caricature allows you to upload a photo of each person and will paint a scene of your choice. How about a snapshot out of The Hangover, or winning big in Vegas?!


Or, instead of a gift, you could always pay for their beauty services the day of the wedding! Why not treat them to hair, nails and make-up the morning of so they feel relaxed and ready to enjoy your day with you.