Bridal Party Fashion

There is bridal party fashion, and then there is bridal. party. fashion. If you are one for stepping outside of the box to find ways to truly stand apart from the rest, take a chance with your bridal party’s attire. A gorgeous trend The Knot has presented is to set a theme for your bridal party, rather than one dress or color. Not only will your photos replicate an editorial photo shoot, your bridal party will be thrilled to stand out amongst the rest of the group.

Be sure to choose a theme that corresponds with what you have planned already – your venue décor, time of day, and season. I am fond of a romantic theme. With soft colors and silhouettes, this theme will complement a variety of tastes and body shapes. Monique Lhuillier has a stunning collection of bridesmaids’ dresses that are the epitome of romantic due to their pastel hues and chiffon textures. More so, selecting the dresses from the same designer and collection will help keep the look cohesive.

Look to your own bridal gown for inspiration as to what your theme should be. If you would describe your dress as formal – think ball gown or mermaid – aglamorous theme would be an appropriate fit for your party. The women here have a variety of textures and shapes however they are able to complement the look by keeping the colors from the same family. It is evident this bride’s dress set the tone for this group of glamorous ladies!


When considering your theme for the men, be careful not to get too creative. Men are less likely to be OK with spending money and time trying to coordinate their own look. Make it easy for them! Have the groom select a pant and neck tie color and allow them to accessorize the rest on their own. These groomsmen went for a classic theme by incorporating bow ties, suspenders and standard gray. Be sure it balances with what the women are wearing!