Some may say they are tacky, others may think “prom,” but I am here to prove to you that yes, you can use balloons as décor for your wedding! Although we sometimes forget, your wedding is a celebration of your love for one another. You want to capture the festivity of your marriage and what better way to set the tone than with balloons! In order to keep this affair elegant, use oversized balloons of a round shape rather than oval and classic colors such as silver or white. These photos will make you think twice about incorporating balloons into your wedding:

Allow the balloons to accent a beautiful feature of your venue or reception space. This Parisian wedding mirrored the gorgeous black and white tiled floor with corresponding oversized balloons on the ceiling. Simple white strings hang straight down to create a dramatic effect as guests enter. Why does everything always seem better in Paris…

If you don’t think balloons are appropriate for your venue, you can include them in your photo session. This couple used simple white balloons which accents her dress against the lush green field. It’s a fun prop that will allow you both to loosen up and create unique photos.


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