I know that I enjoy accessories more than the garment most of the time. The same could be true for you and your wedding!  From embellished bouquet holders to unique cake toppers, there are endless ways to let the true you shine through on your wedding day. Oh, and the groom too… Most brides are looking for a wow factor or simply something different from the last three wedding you attended. It’s all in the details!

These champagne flutes will make your guests look twice. Bottomless classic flutes have frosted stems and are held in a simple vase. You can engrave the vase rather than the glasses for another twist. Fill the vase up with something to compliment your theme – sand, crystals or even ice!

There are endless options for your cake topper. Be sure to pick something that represents you and your groom. You could go as far as to order a cake topper to look like you and your groom! If that is too scary for you, I found his crystal topper to be eye catching! The options are endless!


Kick your floral up a notch with a beautiful bouquet holder. From Swarovski crystals to Birchwood, there is something for everyone and every budget. I found this silver holder classic and elegant. You can engrave it with your wedding date, your name & groom’s name, or a special quote. Consider it a family heirloom or tradition that you both can start!