Some may say they are tacky, others may think “prom,” but I am here to prove to you that yes, you can use balloons as décor for your wedding! Although we sometimes forget, your wedding is a celebration of your love for one another. You want to capture the festivity of your marriage and what … Read more

Bride Organization

You are going to vendor appointments, scouring through Pinterest and attending as many bridal shows as one can stand. How do you manage all of your wedding thoughts aside from everyday life? Today, brides are getting creative to manage the countless details leading up to the big day. Whether they use internet bookmarks, apps or … Read more

Wedding Chairs

I remember the first time I pointed out a chiavari chair at an event, people around me thought I was crazy! Who looks at the chairs when you are at an event? Me! Having the wrong chair for your wedding will ruin everything (OK, not really.) But if you think about it, there will be … Read more

Wedding Signs

It is impossible to read a wedding blog or magazine today without seeing customized signs incorporated into the big day festivities. From ceremonies to photo sessions, brides and event planners are finding any excuse to utilize signs! A sign has become more than just informational or directional – they can display quirky sayings, verses of … Read more


Lombardo's Drive In Movies

Opening Day: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

1st Movie: Finding Nemo @ 8:45pm

2nd Movie: Jurassic Park @ 10:45pm