I know that I enjoy accessories more than the garment most of the time. The same could be true for you and your wedding!  From embellished bouquet holders to unique cake toppers, there are endless ways to let the true you shine through on your wedding day. Oh, and the groom too… Most brides are … Read more

New Year’s Eve

To have a New Year’s Eve wedding or not to have a New Year’s Eve wedding. Brides ask every year, and my answer remains the same – YES! Let’s be serious, you know you never have exciting plans anyways, unless you consider a bottle of wine and Chinese food exciting? Do your guests a favor … Read more


Lombardo's Drive In Movies

Opening Day: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

1st Movie: Finding Nemo @ 8:45pm

2nd Movie: Jurassic Park @ 10:45pm